8 Ways To Organize With Color

Today, I am sharing 8 Ways To Organize With Color with Office Depot. My office was in desperate need of help, so I decided to organize all my “stuff” in my “to-do” piles. It’s July, which means that we are already in the second half of the year. Now is the perfect time to get “caught up” before that overwhelmed feeling sets in. We all know that feeling, right? Check out 8 different ways I organized my office with color, thanks to my friends at Office Depot!

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8 Ways To Organize With Color {slideshow}

Remember how exciting it was to get those “back to school” supplies? I always loved writing on the very first pages of my new notebooks. I get that same feeling when I purchase new office supplies. And, since I am all about bright and bold color, I am happy to see such a wide variety of office supplies at Office Depot to help me get the job done. If you are like me, you love getting new post-it notes, highlighters, colorful Sharpies and bright file folders. I almost had fun organizing my expense receipts!

This post is sponsored by Office Depot. Bright Bold and Beautiful has partnered with Office Depot to bring you fun and creative ways to use their products.  

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Organize with Color photos by Laura Trevey

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