Right Brain Terrain

Lately I am obsessed with Right Brain Terrain and the founder, Frederic Terral. As an artist, I like to think of myself as a right brained thinker and creator. Terral’s motivational and inspirational designs keep you thinking and pondering your own possibilities. Not only does Terrel capture these thoughts so well in design, he also offers an inspirational description of each one. Here are some of my favorites. You can purchase all of the Right Brain Terrain art prints on Society 6.

Right Brain Terrain


Right Brain Terrain Art Prints:

1. Be You to Full –  When you are the full you, the authentic you, it’s a BEAUTIFUL thing. Even if the authentic you is unpleasant, at least we are getting the real you… the full you.

2. Focus – no description, just focus.

3. Individuality – in·di·vid·u·al·i·ty – Noun: The quality or character of a person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind.

4. BU4U – Since many of us can remember, we were told how we should be, what we should be, and exactly when we should become these things. And when we finally do, many of us wake up wondering, “Is this what I’ve always wanted? How did I get here? Who was this all for?” And some of us, sadly, are nowhere near what we truly wanted for ourselves. Being true to ourselves is about our actions coming into alignment with exactly who we have always wanted to be, for ourselves and no one else. “BU4U” is a reminder to be yourself, for your self.

About Right Brain Terrain Founder, Frederic Terral:

“Frederic is an award-winning creative director and brand strategist whose multi-disciplinary approach has been utilized on projects for The Walt Disney Company, Holiday Inn Worldwide, Darden Restaurants, MetLife, Walt Disney Imagineering, Microsoft, The Coca-Cola Company to name just a few”.


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