DIY Projects | Chalkboard Paint

For today’s DIY Projects feature, we have a Beach Weekend Keepsake using chalkboard paint, a mason jar and your favorite shells you collected on vacation. How many times have you brought home shells from your  vacation, and wondered what to do with them? Well, here is an easy DIY project using those shells as a keepsake of your trip. This project is a great honeymoon keepsake idea as well as a thank you gift for a beach weekend invite. See Video below.

DIY Projects | Chalkboard Paint Ideas

DIY Projects | Chalkboard Paint Beach Keepsake

As you know I love chalkboard paint, and any time I can use it, I do. I ran across some shells from our Spring Break vacation the other day and wanted to think of a creative way to display them. I had a mason jar left form a previous project and found some twine, so I was ready to begin. See below for full instructions on how to make your own Beach Weekend Keepsake with your favorite shells.

DIY Projects

DIY Projects| What You Need:

Chalkboard Paint

Mason Jar

Shells from your beach trip


Masking Tape



Chalkboard Paint Ideas
DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas

DIY Projects | Instructions:

1. Cover the parts of the mason jar you don’t want painted, using masking tape and paper.

2. Using Rust-Oleum Spray Chalkboard Paint, step outside and spray the exposed areas of the mason jar.

Chalkboard Paint Ideas

3. Let dry for at least 20 minutes. Remove the tape and paper when completely dry.

4. Place your shells in the mason jar.

5. Tie some twine around the jar.

6. With white chalk, write the place and date of your trip.

DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas
Honeymoon Keepsake | DIY Project

Were you invited to your friend’s beach house for the weekend? Make this keepsake as a thank you gift upon your return. Or start a collection of your favorite vacations.

Chalkboard paint projects

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