DIY Recycled Bottles

For today’s easy DIY project, we have DIY Recycled Bottles. You can turn your used bottles into functional jewelry holders. Walk through this scenario with me. You attend a fun craft fair and purchase the coolest bracelet. You get home and throw it in your jewelry drawer. Six months later, you find the bracelet shoved in the back and state, “Oh, I wondered what happened to that bracelet!”

DIY Recycled Bottles

DIY Recycled Bottles

All you need for your new bracelet stand is a used bottle. Use thin enough bottles for your bracelets to fit around and display them on your dresser. The saying “out of sight, out of mind” is true.  If you can see your bracelts, you will remember to wear them. It’s a win win. Recycle, organize and use what your purchased.

Easy DIY Projects

DIY Projects

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What other ideas do you have for recycling or “upcycling” used bottles? Leave your suggestions in the comment section for everyone.

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DIY recycled bottles photos by Laura Trevey

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