Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Hey everyone. I am excited to show you my new post cards, notepads, stickers and stamps that I ordered from Office Depot Copy and Print. I am so thrilled with the quality of each item as well as the fast delivery of the customized order. It’s really important to me that my readers have a pleasing and smooth transition when jumping from my shop, to my blog, and to my social media platforms. As you can see, my brand is consistent throughout these sites {ex. facebook, pinterest}. With that said, I also need to think about how my brand is perceived at first glance in real life. When buyers purchase art from my Etsy shop, I want them to be excited about receiving their packages in the mail. Therefore, every order is put together with care in the familiar BB&B packaging with the BB&B logo.

Build Your Brand | Office Depot Copy and Print
At Office Depot online, there are many items to help you build your brand.  I am love with my pre-inked round stamp {laser engraved for crisp impressions and long stamp life} with the BB&B logo. I use this on almost everything.
Build Your Brand | Brand Identity and Design

I had fun ordering note pads, post cards and rolls and rolls of stickers. The stickers are the best. The postcards are great to include with each of my orders. All my information about my brand is right on the card.
Office Depot Copy and Print

And who doesn’t need note pads to jot down ideas and important numbers, etc. Why not have them branded? Your identity and brand design should reflect you and your personality.
Build Your Brand with Office Depot

Branding | Office Depot

Office Depot Copy & Print | Brand Your Business

Build Your Brand

Identity and Brand Design

Thanks Office Depot Copy and Print. You have a loyal customer here.

This post is sponsored by Office Depot. Bright Bold and Beautiful has partnered with Office Depot to bring you fun and creative ways to use their products.  See all Office Depot posts on BB&B here.

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Build Your Brand photos by Laura Trevey

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