Bike Lovers

Calling all bike lovers. Now this takes bathroom design to a whole new level. Talk about being unique and original! Notice how the bicycle basket functions as the towel holder. So clever. Would you ever incorporate your hobby into your home decor? It’s definitely a conversation piece. Happy Sunday from Bright Bold and Beautiful. Meet me back here tomorrow for another exciting week!

bike lovers

Bike Lovers Vanity

This vanity constructed from an old bike is designed by Benjamin Bullins. Bullins is an award winning photographer and artist from New Orleans. Benjamin lives in New Orleans with his wife, and currently works as a full time artist. His focus is creating sculptures that reflect the culture of New Orleans. The inspiration for Benjamin’s work usually lies within a single object that sparked an idea to create a specific theme. He will then use other materials to build the sculpture around that one element, focusing on composition and color to complete the piece. See more of Benjamin’s Designs at

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