Painted Striped Walls

Celebrate National Painting Week + Painted Striped Walls

Painted Striped Walls

Did you know this is National Painting Week? As Spring home improvement season is in full-swing, Sherwin-Williams is providing project and color ideas, as well as helpful tips on Be sure to check it out. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jackie Jordan, Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin-Williams about painted wall trends. I am a huge fan of painted striped walls, and had some questions for Jackie.

National Painting Week 2013 | Painted Striped Walls

Painted Striped Walls Interview with Jackie Jordan

Q. I love the idea of painting stripes on a wall. Can you give us tips on choosing complimentary colors?
A. Try sticking with a strip of colors and using a lighter and a darker color from the same color strip, or try using a matte and a semi-gloss finish. For a more colorful approach try colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as red and red violet, but just be sure to use the same saturation or brightness to make them cohesive. I recommend sticking to no more than two colors or multiple values of the same colors.
Q. Do you recommend painting stripes on just one wall of the room, or more?
A. You can paint stripes on one wall or all walls. A wider stripe works well in both large and small rooms.  Slim stripes can get a little busy, so I recommend staying with at least a 6″ wide stripe or larger. Also consider a horizontal stripe, this is a more modern take on a striped wall and is very easy to do. Wide stripes 12″ or greater are fun in either orientation.
Q. What tips do you have for painting stripes on floors?
A. If you are painting stripes on a floor make the stripes along the longer side of the room. Running the stripes the shorter length of the room will visually shorten it, so it is a good approach if the room is an awkward length.  If the room is perfectly square you can go either way, but be sure to consider the view as you enter the room. Stripes that are parallel to the entry can make the room seem smaller while stripes that are perpendicular to the entry can make the room seem longer.
Q. For smaller spaces, do you recommend wide or narrow stripes.
A. I like wide stripes for small rooms. Small stripes get too busy and confusing in a small room. Wide stripes add drama that is absolutely stunning.
Bedroom Striped Walls

Interesting Facts

  • Two-in-three (62 percent) homeowners are planning a painting project, according to the National Home Color Survey from Sherwin-Williams.
  • From simply updating a room to a complete home transformation, homeowners are looking for ways to add color to their space. The home’s most colorful features, paintings/wall hangings (39 percent), walls (23 percent) and furniture (15 percent), are often used to express people’s creativity and interests.
Painted Striped Walls | National Painting Week 2013
Thanks for the tips Jackie, I am energized to paint this week! For additional information and daily inspiration, visit

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