Home Office Organization

When it comes to home office organization, I like to have everything out in the open. The “out of sight, out of mind” saying is so true. If I have my “to do” list hidden in a drawer, it won’t get done. That being said, you can bring order to your office in a stylish fashion by using chic desk accessories. On my desk I have everything visible in “See Jane Work” magazine files and letter trays. Other coordinating organizers on my desk are the pencil cup and letter sorter.

Home Office Organization

Make organizing fun! In addition to magazines, I use the magazine files for reference materials I use frequently. I place my “must do” items on the top letter tray, and use the bottom tray for things I can get to later. Remember, “out of sight, out of mind.” With See Jane Work collections, you can choose the style that works for you. Just another way that Office Depot is helping to organize our busy lives.

Home Office Organization

I love to put my sharpies in the cute pencil holder. They make me happy.

“See Jane Work products have been designed with equal focus on function and style. I understand the unique needs of today’s modern woman and my products reflect that.” – Holly Bohn, founder of See Jane Work.

Home Office Organization

Jane’s Home Office Organization tips:

Don’t fight your organizational style. If you’re a stacker, stick with letter trays for managing tasks. If you’re a filer, then use a file box or tote for frequently used files.

Magazine files aren’t just for magazines. Bring order to your bookshelves by using magazine files to organize odd-sized books and publications; sort by theme, like travel.

Reserve your desktop for frequently used items. The workspace is no space for clutter. Buy cute office supplies that will personalize your space without adding clutter.

Home Office Organization

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