Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

I love to try new Easter egg decorating ideas. Yesterday we made rubber band Easter eggs. This DIY project is so easy, and fun for all ages. We used an assortment of rubber bands with different size widths to make each egg unique. See steps for coloring your own eggs below.

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Rubber Band Easter egg decorating ideas

1. Boil eggs and let them cool. Helpful hint: Adding a tablespoon of vinegar and a pinch of salt will help prevent cracking.

2. Once the eggs have cooled, take an assortment of rubber bands and twist them around the eggs. You can make criss-cross patterns or even lines. Your preference.

DIY Rubber Band Easter Eggs

Rubber Band Easter Eggs

3. Follow egg dying instructions. Wait for eggs to dry completely. Remove the rubber bands, to reveal the white pattern. Also, do you notice the spotted or speckled designs on the eggs? You can get this artsy effect by adding salt to the water when boiling the eggs. There appears to be a flower shape on the pink egg which turned out so cool.

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter eggs

Easter egg decorating ideas

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