Go Mighty Life List

What is on your bucket list? Do you want to paint in Italy, start your own knitting group, become an author, sky dive? Now there is a place to record the things you want to do in your lifetime. It’s your go mighty life list. You may have heard me mention Go Mighty before. It’s a brilliant idea, created by the creative minds of Maggie Mason, Sarah Bryden-Brown and Laura Mayes.

If you want to make your Life List, now is the time. Sign up for the Go Mighty Skillshare class which starts tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow, so stop thinking about it, and start doing. One of the attendees gets a $1,000 grant to cross something off their list.

go mighty life list

My Go Mighty Life List

Last week, I was asked to define what this blog is about in one sentence. Do you know how difficult that was for me? When it hit me, my mission statement seemed so obvious, “My passion is to bring women together and share ideas for living a beautiful life.”

When you are forced to define your goals, it is then that you walk down the road towards achieving them. That is why I am so excited to become a part of this adventure. I just started my own Go Mighty Life List. Join me, and let’s start doing some good together.

Get a Goal on Your Go Mighty Life List Funded

Many of Go Mighty’s sponsorships include grant components to help you fund your dreams, and corporate charitable donations tied to group and individual achievement. Grants may be as small as $100 or as big as the goal you create.

What You Will Learn in the Go Mighty + Skillshare Class

You’ll write your Life List and share your goals with other students, form connections, and initiate collaborations for acting on your Life List goals. One student will earn a $1,000 grant toward ticking off a goal on their Life List. Boom. Sign up here.

image: watercolor paintings by Laura Trevey

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