When Opportunity Knocks

When Opportunity Knocks, Open that door!

If you are living and breathing, read on. {This post is inspired by my trip to ALT Summit, but applies to all.} The key is to recognize the opportunity in front of you and take it. Often times the scarier the opportunity, the richer the reward. After the jump, read a quick story of how to learn to take those life opportunities when they are presented to you.

when opportunity knocks

When Opportunity Knocks 

Close your eyes and imagine you are back at ALT and Gabrielle is getting ready to announce the keynote speaker. But before she does, she picks 3 volunteers to come up on stage and read a note inside a closed envelope, and follow the instructions inside. She tells the group they can decline if they choose when she picks random people out of the audience. The first 2 volunteers decline out of fear of what they will be asked to do. The 3rd volunteer comes on stage, reads the note, and takes out a $100 dollar bill to show the audience before returning to her seat.

The 3rd volunteer chose the opportunity that was presented to her, and received the benefit from it. I love the quote, “Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.” The other 2 were sitting in their chairs after the fact, kicking themselves for not taking the opportunity to go up onto the stage and participate. Most of the time in life, it is true that “Opportunity only knocks once.”

Think about your missed opportunities of the past year, and write down some opportunities you want to take advantage of this year. I strongly believe if you write down your goals, you will have a better chance at bringing them to fruition, and ultimately your success.

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