Sealed with Love Stamp

The new Sealed with Love stamp gets my stamp of approval. Coming out for Valentine’s day this stamp celebrates the handwritten love letter. How appropriate is this stamp? Myself included, I feel that we are all walking around like robots connected to our smartphones and laptops. How many of you leave the house these days without your phone? If you are one of them, please leave a comment below. I want to know your story. Anyway, back to the point. I love writing handwritten notes, and I also love receiving them. I certainly hope that this activity of “handwriting” is not a thing of the past. Do me a favor, and send someone a handwritten Valentine this month and be sure to seal it with the new “Sealed with Love” stamp.
Sealed with Love Postage Stamp


Sealed with Love Stamp 

This Saturday, February 9th, Cool Mom Picks and USPS are throwing a Valentines Brunch in Soho celebrating the new Sealed with Love stamp. Martha Stewart is providing crafting supplies. Thanks to the ever so awesome Laura Mayes, I am providing my mini prints for the goody bags. I think I will send a Valentine Laura’s way right now.


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