DIY Projects | Tissue Cupcake Toppers

I found these tissue cupcake toppers via Sweet Paul and had to share. Turn your cupcakes into your centerpiece for your next party. Fun for all ages too.

DIY Projects | tissue cupcake toppers

 Tissue Cupcake Toppers 

What you need:

tissue paper

needle and thread



small wooden skewers


1. Layer the tissue so that you have 20 layers of paper. 2. Use a glass as template and trace then cut out a circle. 3. Sew them all together with a few stiches in the middle. 4. Cut 8 slits all around the circle. 5. Glue a skewer in the middle. 6. Start from one side and fold out all the slits all around the topper. 7. Place the toppers in your cupcakes to pretty them up!


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