25 Things I Learned at Alt Summit 2013

In addition to having a blast at Alt Summit 2013, I have put together a list of the speakers, panels and brands who inspired me. Even though I can come up with a 100 tips and inspirational quotes from these informative speakers, I have condensed my list to the ones I think will give you the most value in your own business and most meaning in your life.

25 Things I Learned at Alt Summit 2013


25 Things I Learned at Alt Summit 2013

25 Things I learned at Alt Summit 2013

1. Notice opportunities when they are right in front of you. I saw this tweet from Natalie Bowman, and the result was my watercolors hanging in the BING lounge. Read this post for a great example of noticing opportunities, and acting on them.

2. I attended the Better Homes and Gardens dinner and learned that BHG loves blogs. Pitch your ideas for print features to bhgbloggers@meredith.com

3. Minted wants to help you with your party. Apply to be a Minted Ambassador at www.minted.com/julep/party-ambassador.

4. The Honest Company‘s co-founder Jessica Alba is the real deal. Read my interview with her here.

5. Bloggers will come from everywhere to be a part of the ALT experience.

6. “Brands and bloggers, we need each other.” Camille Styles

7. Darcy Miller, Editorial Director at Martha weddings, reminds us that Connecting is sweet.

8. “How is your off-line experience going to translate to your online readers?” Megan Gilger

9. “Collaborate with those that inspire you,” Megan Gilger

10. Wise words, “Turn comments into conversation” from The Jealous Curator.

11. “Asking for help is key.” Stacey Ferguson of Justice Fergie.

12. Laura Mayes, a writer and one of the founders of Mighty Events & GoMighty, of the Mom 2.0 Summit, and of Kirtsy  thinks “Events are the ultimate in creativity.” She is a fireball of inspiration, and I am so happy to have met her.

13. “Best part of Alt Summit is meeting energetic like-minded people.” That’s my two cents.

14. “Do what you do best, and hire out the rest” Valuable advice from Susan Peterson of Freshly Picked.

15. Amy Parker Anderson gives excellent advice about pitching to brands, “Research before you reach out.”

16. Helen Jane gets real about bloggers producing their own content. If you post quality original content, you will get noticed.

17. Alert. Alert. Banner ads are on the way out.

18. Keep an editorial calendar.

19. Helen Jane discourages bloggers to check social media first thing in the morning. You will be influenced by what you read, and post about similar ideas, instead of your own.

20. Erin Loechner says, “Hoote Suite is my dream tool.”

21. “What are your Golden Hours?” Erin asks. “These are the hours that you are most productive. Are you are morning person or a night owl? Try to avoid social media during your golden hours. Be productive during this time.”

22. “Events are not a solo act. You need a great team.” Laura Mayes

23. Partner with people who are excellent at what they do.

24. “To look at the world and see what’s wrong with it is lazy. To look at the world and see how it can be changed is much more difficult.” ALT Keynote speaker, Stefan Sagmeister, World famous graphic designer

25. “The days of companies with names like “General Electric” and “General Mills” and “General Motors” are over. The money on the table is like krill: a billion little entrepreneurial opportunities that can be discovered and exploited by smart, creative people.” ALT Keynote Speaker, Chris Anderson {author of Makers: The New Industrial Revolution}

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Alt Summit 2013 photos by Laura Trevey and Sam Trevey

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