Interview with Jessica Alba | Honest Company

My interview with Jessica Alba, actress and co-founder of The Honest Company, at Alt Summit 2013 was more than a thrill. She is the real deal, and I am happy to share what I learned about her natural and eco-friendly products. I asked Jessica why she started Honest. When Jessica was pregnant, she had an allergic reaction to a product, and that started her thinking. Research shows that there are “toxic risks posed by everyday basics, like home cleaners, body washes, and laundry soaps. Yet, there’s growing consensus that some chemicals used in these products are linked to chronic diseases like asthma, ADHD, and even cancer.” Jessica and her husband were alarmed by this and wanted what was best for their growing family. Read more.

Interview with Jessica Alba | The Honest Company

Interview with Jessica Alba | Honest Company

She stated, “When I looked for non-toxic bath and body products, I had to buy from one company, and when I searched for a non-toxic cleaner, I had to go elsewhere. I felt there was a need for a company to provide non-toxic bath and body products and household cleaning products for your entire family in one place.”

The Honest Company Products | Bright Bold and Beautiful

I commended Jessica on the Honest Company’s mission to give back. Jessica stated, “We want to help families that need it. It’s our obligation, and it’s the right thing to do.” In addition to helping those in need, Jessica represents what is good, and I am proud to support her as a great role model for our children. We chatted about our own children for a while, and both agreed that teaching them these values {about giving back} will bring them life long rewards.

The Honest Company | Bright Bold and Beautiful

My favorite items are:

  • Family Essentials Bundle (which I just ordered). A full one-month supply of the most important and non-toxic bath / skin and household cleaning products for your entire family!
  • I already have the Honest healing balm filled with Sunflower Oil, Tamanu Oil, Chickweed Oil, and Olive Oil. Let me tell you, it’s life changing. If you have dry hands like I do, try it, and you can thank me later.


I appreciate that Jessica took the time to speak with bloggers at Alt Summit. The day before, she was promoting her upcoming movie, ‘A.C.O.D.’ with stars Amy Poehler and Adam Scott, at the 2013 Sun Dance Film Festival. She’s a busy lady, a smart entrepreneur, and a role model for all women. Thank you Jessica!

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Interview with Jessica Alba photos by Sam Trevey

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