Great Logo Designs

I am working on a project and currently researching great logo designs. What makes a logo stand out from the crowd? There are so many factors {color, shape, font} that go into creating a memorable brand starting with the logo. It is really fun when you start looking at your favorites and seeing patterns. Some are circular, some use all lower case letters, some have softer tones while others are bright and bold. While considering all of these options, I have collected some logos I think represent their brand well and “stand out from the crowd”.

These are what I call the “wordless” logos. 1. Starbucks 2. Apartment Therapy 3. Freshome 4. Daily Candy 5. Kate Spade 6. Flipboard

great logo designs

 More Great Logo Designs

These logos grab your attention using high contrast. Aside from the yellow dotted i in “bing“, they only use one color. 1. Home Depot 2. Design Milk 3. bing 4. asos 5. CB2 6. Ballard Designs

great logo designs

This next group of logos are pleasing to the eye using softer and more muted color tones. 1. TOMS 2. Garnet Hill 3. Anthropologie 4. West Elm 5. Refinery 29 6. The Glitter Guide

great logo designs

What are your favorite logos? I would love to know.

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