Alt Summit SLC + Umba Box

What do Bright Bold and Beautiful and Umba Box have in common? We both want you to join us for ALT Summit SLC 2013 next month! What is Alt, you ask? “Alt is a place to connect. Connecting with peers, meeting new friends, brainstorming collaborative ideas and building relationships with brands are all important parts of Alt.” Meet me back here on Monday for the details.

Bright Bold and Beautiful + Umba Box

More about Alt Summit SLC 2013:

What is ALT Summit SLC? Read about the conference here.

Read about how I got my ticket to ALT Summit 2013 and 10 reasons to get excited about Alt Summit.

7 SEO Tips for Bloggers ~  I attended an Alt Summit online class sponsored by BING hosted by Duane Forrester {Twitter @DuaneForrester}, and here is what I learned in a tiny tiny nutshell.

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