Holiday Home Tours – Mary Mason Wood

I am excited to bring you the first of the Holiday Home Tours series. Meet Mary Mason Wood and take a peek into her sparkling happy home that she has created with her husband Vince and two daughters, Lizzie and Peyton, now away at college. Mary has a keen eye for style and her home is comfortable and inviting with a little bit of glamour. Lizzie just arrived home for the holidays, and the three of us had the best time taking photos, drinking coffee and laughing all the way.

Holiday Home Tours

Holiday Home Tours – Mary Mason Wood {start slideshow}

In addition to being a wonderful decorator, Mary Mason is a fabulous artist. The artistic gene runs in the family too. Be sure to notice her amazing art collection ~ select paintings by her father, brother and herself.

Thank you so much Mary! I am so inspired by your creative touch and eye for color and design. The mix and match of colors, textures, and styles throughout your home creates a casual environment that’s perfect for family gatherings. I hope you and your family have a very happy holiday season.

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Holiday Home Tours photos by Laura Trevey



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