DIY Projects : Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Today’s DIY Projects : Make Your Own Advent Calendar is fun and so so easy to do for the holidays. Sometimes big surprises come in little boxes too. Merry Merry!

DIY Projects : Make Your Own Advent Calendar

DIY Projects : Make Your Own Advent Calendar Instructions: 

I love little surprises, and the thought of opening a box to find a treat inside each day of December makes me smile. To make your own advent calendar, all you need are 25 small favor boxes {I found mine in a craft store} and green and red twist ties for festive color. Fill each box with small treats and surprises. You can place your boxes straight in a line if you like order,

Make your own advent calendar

Or if you are one for random design, scatter them about with confetti, candies or whatever you have on hand.

DIY Advent Calendar

We placed ours in a large white bowl with red and white ornaments and used it as a centerpiece.

DIY Projects: Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Boxes

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