Citrus Holiday Arrangement

For the holidays, I have an easy citrus holiday arrangement for you. All you need are oranges and limes mixed with holly leaves, boxwood and red Nandina berries. Layer the fresh evergreens and fruit however you like, and you have a beautiful centerpiece for Christmas and into the New Year. Make substitutions with the evergreen leaves you have on hand.

citrus holiday centerpiece

Citrus Holiday Arrangement Ideas: 

You can use the evergreens you have in your backyard. Pine needles would be another option. Have fun with what you have and be creative. Let me know what you come up with! If you don’t have a large punch bowl, you can use any glass container or glass hurricane.

Christmas centerpiece ideas

DIY Christmas centerpiece ideas

DIY Holiday Centerpiece

Christmas decorating ideas 2012

Holiday Decorating ideas 2012

Holiday Decorating Ideas 2012

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photography by laura trevey

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