Home Decor Trends 2013

Among the home decor trends 2013 are grass cloth and animal prints, floral and striped patterns, earthy textures and colors including natural wood, bamboo flooring and stone. High gloss lacquer and the popular chevron patterns are also among the latest 2013 home design trends. We are seeing exotic decor, tribal prints and ethnic embroidered fabrics. You don’t need an entire room remodel to get the look. Adding throw pillows, cozy quilts and blankets, a geometric print modern rug, and maybe some striped curtains will perk up your home this season.

home decor trends 2013

15 Home Decor Trends 2013

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top image: “Chanel” Hallway with Lee Jofa wallpaper and custom vintage chair via Marmalade Interiors. Photography by Tanya Malott

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