Holiday Centerpiece Ideas: Apple Tree

If you are looking for holiday centerpiece ideas, this apple tree is a festive and easy DIY project to make when entertaining this holiday season. Apples and boxwood clippings make for a beautiful red and green display.

DIY Apple Topiary Centerpiece

Holiday Centerpiece Ideas - apples and boxwood

 Holiday Centerpiece Ideas: Apple Tree Instructions

holiday apple tree centerpiece instructions
What You Need:

  • I use approx. 3 bags of small to medium size red apples.
  • Cut some boxwood clippings to use as filler.
  • A graduated cylinder shaped wood block with hammered nails. I have had this wood block for years. So, I am not sure where to buy the base. Any graduated cylinder shape will work. Home Depot will be able to shape one for you. Once you have this piece, you will keep it for years and years.

Holiday Centerpiece Ideas - apples and boxwood


  • Place the apples, starting at the bottom of the base, around the base until covered.
  • The apples stay secure and in place by the nails.
  • Take boxwood clippings and fill in the gaps. Make sure the wood base is completely covered.
  • That’s it!

Apple and Boxwood Holiday Arrangement

I like to use this fruit arrangement as my Thanksgiving table centerpiece as well as Christmas brunch. Bring nature inside this holiday season with fresh greenery and bright red apples. Seen below, I placed the arrangement in our dining room on the Pottery Barn Cake stand. {This cake stand has many uses. Remember the floral arrangement on the cake stand in the alfesco table setting?}

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

Apple and Boxwood Centerpiece

Get Inspired This Holiday Season:

Thanksgiving or Christmas Topiary photos by laura trevey

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