Get The Picture

So many times we don’t get the picture. More specifically, we don’t get “in the picture”. Let me explain. About a month ago, my daughter’s friend’s Mom lost her battle with cancer. There was not a dry eye in the church when they played a slideshow full of family memories. There were sentimental photos of the Mom and her three children at the beach, at important milestones, and just plain every day life. As I watched this beautiful celebration, I could not help thinking of my own family, and how I am not in many photos with them. I am always the one taking the photos. Sound familiar? This morning, I saw this article, Mom’s Explain Why They are Getting back in the Picture from the Huffington Post on the Today Show sharing these same thoughts. “Nicole Clawson is a professional photographer. Yet she had to go back ten full months to find a single photo of herself with her kids.”

Laura Trevey family photo

We are all Moms or have Moms and we want to be present. So, I changed my ways, and jumped in this photo last weekend. Your kids don’t care if your hair is done, or if you have makeup on. {Clearly, I have neither in this photo!} They just want to be with you. So get in the picture. Get the picture?

Sam Trevey and our black lab Sophie

Now, we just need to get Sam {a.k.a. Dad} in the picture!

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