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Bright Bold and Beautiful is switching to the Disqus commenting system, to give you, the readers, a better way to participate in the site. This new system enables all readers to login with several different options, including Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Millions use Disqus! From niche blogs to global brands, interesting conversations are everywhere. You choose how to connect and comment. Stay with me, there are giveaway opportunities at the end of this post.

Custom Painting of Your Home - Watercolor

Disqus Commenting System and House Watercolor Giveaway 

The Disqus commenting system is used by CNN, TIME, FOX News, numerous blogging sites and has over 75 Million registered users. Type your comment in the box below, and you will be prompted to connect via Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, or you can just enter your name. That’s it. It’s that easy.

Bright Bold and Beautiful is making big changes in order to give you, the readers, a better experience and more opportunities to engage. As with many changes comes setbacks. Unfortunately, some previous comments have been lost with the switch. Moving forward, I would like to extend my most sincere thank you to all of you who have commented in the past, and hope you will continue to comment from this day forward. Your comments are great feedback and I enjoy reading each and every one. So thank you!

In order to make this commenting transition a smooth one, I encourage you to sign up for Disqus, or connect through your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus account. Each comment will be entered in a drawing to win an Original Watercolor House Portrait {value $283.00}. Each comment counts, so enter as many times by commenting on any blog post – past and future. The giveaway dates are from October 18 – November 18th. In addition to the house portrait, there will be other winners picked at random for free gift certificates to my shop.

House Portrait - Custom Watercolor Painting

So what are you waiting for? Leave a comment in the box, and you will be prompted to connect via Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, or you can just enter your name. That’s it.

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