IFBCon 2012 Blogging Tips

I have found some IFBCON 2012 Blogging Tips worth sharing on Twitter. Search #IFBCON {Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference} to get more inspiration. I did not attend this year, but next year I am there! Even if you have heard it before, these tips will eventually become second nature the more you hear them reinforced. The theme that rings loud and clear is to always be yourself and be authentic. My tip of the day, “Your readers will see straight through you if you are just a copy and paste kind of blogger.” So, why not “Be Yourself.”

blogging tips

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the IFB Conference. I have included their twitter handle – be sure to follow.

Advice to all the bloggers: take what people expect, twist it up and add humor. Show the good, the bad and the ugly. SHOW YOU! @MARYALICESTYLE

“Be open to opportunities, be open to evolving and pay attention to what people are looking for.” @misternewton

“Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Do whatever you want to do. Set your own pace.” @kendieveryday

“You have to live your passion, breathe it & always know your worth.” @The_Real_Man

“On days you aren’t supremely inspired, hit the ground with research and analyzing trends. Stay productive.” @STYLEMOM

“There is room for everyone online, room for every voice” @purseblog

“Don’t look around and compare yourself to others. You’ll exhaust yourself. Do what you want to do.” @kendieveryday

Blogging Tips

More IFBCON 2012 Blogging Tips:

Authenticity Reigns Supreme by Guest Post By Amber Alexander, Beauty & The Street. I have to say that this post is tough love, and to the point. You need to think about your own voice and who YOU are as a person. Thumbs up, this post is worth the read! Read more>>

Bigger Better Bolder: Write a Product Review. This tip stuck with me: “Maintain your personality in your review – use storytelling or anecdotes.” Read more>>

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