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I am fascinated with bookshelf styling, and I have been taking note of the bookshelves that catch my attention. You can tell a lot about a person just by the way they style a bookcase. Every trinket and book tells a story, and usually has some personal meaning to the family. Take a look at your bookshelf today. What story does it tell about you? Are there items you would like to add? Get ideas from five different home tours below.

Bookshelf Styling Ideas via Anne Brasfield: Anne has collected an assortment of face jugs that are quite unique.
bookshelf styling ideas

face jugs

how to style a bookshelf

bookshelf styling ideas


Bookshelf Styling Ideas via Chris Shands: Chris has a beautiful way of displaying magazines with her family photos. Crisp and clean.

how to arrange bookshelves

Bookshelf Styling Ideas via Amy Ludwin: Amy mixes art, family portraits and her favorite collections of pretty bowls and vases. Love that octopus bowl!

how to style a bookcase

Bookshelf Styling Ideas via Melinda Henry: Melinda has a bright and bold living room with nautical accents on her bookcases. The room is decorated in cobalt blue and yellow, one of my favorite color combinations.

cobalt blue and yellow

This is our living room. I am updating our bookshelves, so stay tuned for the updated look!

laura trevey's living room

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