Sleep in Art

How would you like to sleep in art? I am talking about stylish bed linens with modern art paintings. I think it’s a cool idea, and when I saw this company called Art n Bed, I had to share it with you. ARTnBED is a boutique company. They select the artists very carefully and offer a limited, yet very unique collection. All of their pieces coordinate with solid color linens for a contemporary and clean look. You can also mix and match them with colorful patterns for creative and unique feel. The “chairs on the beach” by the artist Arie Azene is one of my favorite of the collections. You know how I am a beach lover.

sleep in art

sleep in art

artful pillows
I also am drawn to the colorful street scene “Hindley Street” by the artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison. It’s full of life and energy. Apparently it is the place where things happen in Adelaide, Australia.
art n bed linens
Seen below: Euro Sham with the painting “Hindley Street” by the artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison.
city scene pillow

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