New Year’s Eve Movie on DVD

Warner Bros. Pictures announced the release of the hit romantic comedy New Year’s Eve Movie on DVD and Blu Ray May 1, 2012. This all star comedy stars Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Katherine Heigl, Sofia Vergara, Hilary Swank, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zac Efron, Jon Bon Jovi, Seth Meyers, Jessica Biel and Josh Duhamel! This entertaining movie is a funny and heartfelt story about how we all celebrate the hope for the new year on this one special day, New Year’s Eve. So many things happen!

Seen below: Seth Meyers and Til Schweiger (James) – Germany’s biggest movie star.

I was over the moon excited when I watched the movie and saw four watercolor paintings of mine featured in the hospital scenes with Seth Meyers and Jessica Biel. As seen in the movie, the Pansies, Bright Blooms, and Beach Chairs art prints are available for sale in my Etsy shop, Bright Bold and Beautiful watercolor paintings and prints. They also included a colorful trees landscape painting seen to the right below. Needless to say, New Year’s Eve is now my favorite romantic comedy and it is the newest movie in our collection!

Grab your copy on DVD today!

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photo screenshots from new years eve movie on dvd taken by Laura Trevey

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