Holiday Stress Relief

Everyone needs a little down time with all the craziness of the holidays upon us. Holiday Stress Relief: Be sure to stop, look around, take a moment to enjoy the season and laugh. I just received this sparkling vintage wagon ornament which is now my new favorite! It reminds me of the decorated car here adorned with holiday lights deep in the woods, and it also reminds me of my favorite movie, Christmas Vacation and the Griswold family truckster! We watched Christmas Vacation last night, and I never get tired of it. I can probably recite every line. For a little stress relief during this busy time, check out these tips.

anthropologie ornament

And for a little humor to break up the chaos – I found this post I put together over 2 years ago,
Top 5 List ~ Funny People. I have to say that my choices still hold true today. How about you?
Who would you add to the list?

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