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smART Business for Artists and Crafters on Etsy
Review:This is both a beautifully written and presented book. It’s stunning pictures and common sense logic on building a creative business is priceless. Laura has articulated all the common sense we as artists sometimes forget. It’s a valuable tool to have that is a constant reminder to keep it simple, be true to your art, and don’t cut corners. I love it and now feel confident that I can turn my art into business. Laura is an elegant artist and business woman with a generosity and kindness that shines through on every page of this beautiful, must have book… Laura has successfully followed her own advice and is happy to give away her secrets.
Dion Dior

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Apple iBooks $8.99
Paperback $14.95

I believe we can all Profit from our Passion. This ebook is about the choices I have made as an artist. My hope is that you will learn a little something from my experiences and be able to apply them to your own art or craft business. 

Most of all, I want to inspire you to continue doing what you love!  

A 54 page easy to read guide filled with
practical tips and “how-to” photos on every page.

Featuring ~
Building Your Brand, Finding Your Niche
Don’t Undersell Your Vision, Online Shop and Blog Tips
Time Management, Social Media, Art/Craft Show Checklist
Stay Inspired and a great Resource List!

Reviews from Etsy Artists:
“I just ordered smART business ebook by Laura Trevey today. I love it! If you are an artist, designer, or crafter this book is a “must have”. It is informative and beautiful! This book has helped me save time researching, now I can get down to business! Thanks!”
Roleen , LimeZinnias Design

“Thank you Laura – Professional and colourful layout – I am really looking forward to reading through and digesting… I love your blog and this further encouraged me to purchase the ebook as you know what you are talking about and are proof of what you say.”
Valerie Lewis,  Discerning Chi Chi Handmade Jewellery


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