Blog Management for Etsy Shop Owners

In keeping with the Etsy theme of the week, today we are talking to The Chic Editor, Beth Anderson about blog management for Etsy shop owners. Beth is the creator and CEO of Chic Galleria Publications and owner of The Chic Editor, Professional Writing Services and Editor in Chief of Chic Galleria Magazine. I had the pleasure of asking Beth to help Etsy shop owners better understand the importance of starting a blog and staying up to date with blog management.

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Blog Management for Etsy Shop Owners

I remember how excited I was to open my Etsy shop in 2008. I was constantly researching for ways to increase my online presence. Everywhere I turned and every article I read suggested I start a blog. So I did. And boy am I so thankful I did. Bright Bold and Beautiful is one of the ways I turned my passion into a full time job. So for all of you Etsy Shop owners who want to start a blog, or don’t know how to increase your blog awareness, read on.

Q. Beth, what advice would you give NEW Etsy shop owners, who want to grow their business by starting a blog, but do not know where to start?

A. Blogs have content as narrow as a single subject focus or as broad as containing a category list of hundreds of topics. The beauty of starting a blog, I tell my clients, is you can make it your own. So why do you need a blog? What are the benefits? My answer to this is simple. If you own a business or make your living through networking with others, you need a blog. By placing informative and/or opinionated content on your blog, not only are you generating increased readership from people searching online for that particular subject matter, you are introducing these people to you. What better way to make people aware of YOU! By starting my original blog, I shared details with the world about the products I had for sale, why I personally loved the products and quite a bit about myself. Keeping the subject matter updated regularly helped to get my blog and boutique ranked high within the search engines. Having my boutique’s URL appear on the first page of Google helped generate sales for my business.

There are two options when starting a new blog. You can try building your own on a free platform such as Blogger or hire us to build a WordPress blog with all the bells and whistles.  With a small monthly hosting fee, a WordPress custom template gives you all sorts of fun options.  I started with a simple template back in 2007.  I later found that I needed to be able to control the plugins and what was on my sidebars, so I started over with a WordPress custom site.  Unfortunately, you can’t automatically transfer posts from Blogger to WordPress.  Once you get your blog set up, you will want to build traffic by using quality content and social media. Establishing trust between yourself and your potential customers can be done via a blog.  All these things get your Etsy shop on people’s radar.  Making a list of your blog’s goals is the first thing you need to do.
Q.What advice would you give to Seasoned Etsy shop owners who already have a blog?
A. Think about your blog goals and if you are achieving those goals.  If not, maybe it’s time to re-think your goals. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new content on a regular basis and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the time restrains of keeping a blog active.  The goal is to keep your blog active with quality content that will be picked up by search engines.  Your blog is the “voice” of your Etsy shop, but it’s important to blog about other subjects so that it doesn’t look like you are always trying to sell people something. I work with clients who have experienced the same nagging questions that haunted me when I started down the road of blogging. With the recent changes made by Google, now more than ever it is important to develop rich content that will engage the readers and increase the chances of grabbing the attention of search engines.
Q.  How can Etsy shop owners benefit from working with a blog management team such as Chic Galleria?
A. As a business owner, you are very busy running your business. If you already own a blog, you know search engines rank relevant, unique and recent content most highly. You also know blogging takes time and consistency. I offer blog management to small business owners who want to build an online presence and get the attention of search engines! Assembling influential niche online editors/writers in a blog is essential to any successful online PR campaign. This blog community can provide valuable exposure to just the audience you need to reach to promote your businesses. By leveraging my online PR expertise and ongoing relationships with writers, I am able to help companies reach their target audience within the search engines with current content that is keyword rich.I offer several blog development and management packages to fit your budget. By using our services, business owners can have the peace of mind knowing that their blog is receiving targeted traffic and exposing their business to thousands of new potential customers.

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