10 Reasons to Get Excited about Alt Summit 2013

I don’t believe I have mentioned how excited I am about Alt Summit 2013 in Salt Lake City this coming January. So let me tell you now. I do a little happy dance every time I think about it. To get the party started, I received a sweet surprise in the mail a couple of days ago. You can check it out on Instagram @lauratrevey.

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10 Reasons to Get Excited about Alt Summit 2013

10 Reasons To Get Excited About ALT Summit 2013

Okay, I have so many reasons to be excited, but here are the first ten reasons off the top of my head. More to come, I am sure!

1. I am over the moon excited to meet some of the ALT Speakers this year. For starters, Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind is speaking, holla! Is “Awesome” her middle name?

2. The class I am most excited to take is PhotoShop for Bloggers. I am ready to move beyond the basics and let my creativity soar to new heights.

3. Meeting new friends and bloggers with similar interests and goals makes me smile.

4. Making connections with the amazing sponsors is a smart idea. BING IT ON!

5. I am excited about talking “shop” with other bloggers. Why? Because when you are passionate about what you do, you want to talk about it all day long!

6. I am inspired by the ALT Team, and can’t wait to meet them. These gals are the ones that make it all happen.

7. I am putting together my Christmas wishlist of Winter Fashion “Must Haves” for the event.

8. I have never been to Salt Lake City before.

9. I am ever so thankful that I secured a hotel reservation at the luxurious Grand America Hotel. This was no easy task, since the Sundance Film Festival is the same weekend.

10. I am bringing my husband. It will be a mini vacation. We have not had a vacation without the kids in For-Ever!

Don’t worry – If you did not sign up this year, ALT Summit is an amazing resource for bloggers to learn and collaborate online. Thanks to BING, there are even some FREE online classes to sign up for. Go here to see upcoming classes.

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